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Bioshield #23 Citrus Thinner

An Environmentally-Friendly Solution for Oil-Based Clean-Ups.

Our Healthy Living Citrus Thinner has a mild citrus fragrance and can work as a degreaser. Around the home it’s perfect for cleaning greasy kitchen stoves, bicycles, crayon marks, tar, glue, gum, wax, fresh oil paint, and oily stains.

Usage: Paint Thinner #23 is a low-odor and economical solvent that can be used for clean-up of the following oil-based products: #1 Primer Oil, #2 Herbal Oil, #3 Resin & Oil Finish, #30 Floor Wax, #36 Hard-Oil Wax, #4 Resin Floor Finish, #5 Penetrating Oil, #9 Hard Oil, #99 Wood Impregnation.

Specifications: BioShield Citrus Thinner is a good, general-purpose, transparent cleaner and thinner for all of our oil-based products. It is also a great replacement for petroleum-based mineral spirits and turpentine. It works well as a surface cleaner for resinous woods, and for grease, grime, brushes, and other tools.

Ingredients: Isopar, and Orange Peel Oil (d-limonene).


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