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DC LED Bulbs

Low voltage LED Bulbs for 12 Volt & 24 Volt  DC Systems

  Introducing New 10-30 Volt LED Light Bulbs!

LED 4.5 watt bulb

Choose your base! 5630 SMD LED low voltage LED 4.5W, white or warm white 10-30 volt DC,   350 lumens warm white 400 lumens white.

Choose your Base

E27 5 WattEdison Base Low Voltage LED Bulb - 5 watt,
Frosted - Warm White or White, 10-30 Volt

330 lumens warm white
350 lumens white
$14.50 each plus applicable taxes and shipping.

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LED 4 watt bulb

Old style MR16 - 5.3 Bi Pin base track lighting! High Power low voltage LED 4W, white or warm white 10-30 volt DC,   260 lumens warm white 280 lumens white
On Sale at $3 each plus applicable taxes and shipping.

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Assorted Automotive 12 volt LED bulbs in White only
1156 HP LED bulb1156 4.5 watt
1156HP - Choose Voltage

 1156 Bayonet 4.5 watt bulb                                                                                     1156 Bayonet 4x1w HP
1156 T20 T10 BA9S
1156 18smd 12v T20 18smd 12v T10 8smd 12v BA9S 1watt 12v

Auto LED 12v DC - Choose Bulb

Corn Super Bright DC LED Bulbs

Choose your wattage: 7.5, 9 or 13 watts at 10-30 volts DC for your offgrid 12 or 24 volt application.

Corn LED bulb 9 watt

High lumens output Edison base 9 watt Corn LED for light fixtures with a glass globe cover or areas where more light is required. Rated at 800 lumens. New smaller DC 7.5 Watt option available. Almost as bright at 600 lumens. 13 watt bulbs are about 1100 lumens. For example a standard 100 watt bulb is about 800 lumens for comparison.

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New lower prices on LED bulbs. CE and RoHS certified with a full two year warranty. Perfect for solar systems needing 12 volt LED Bulbs or 24 volt LED Bulbs. If on the grid or using your inverter full time scroll down for AC 85-260 volt options. Choose warm white for a softer light similar to an incandescent. White is brighter and great for work areas needing more light.  

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